Australian Journal of Education

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Teachers’ views on the impact of classroom management on student responsibility


This article examines teachers’ views of their management styles, classified as either ‘coercive’ or ‘relationship’ -based, for 145 primary and 363 secondary school teachers in Victoria, Australia. It finds that management that combines punishment with aggressive and hostile behaviour can exacerbate misbehaviour and increase student distraction. In contrast, a combination of rewards and punishments, set in a context of discussion, validation of appropriate behaviour, involvement and trust, will encourage student responsibility and reduce misbehaviour. This study seeks to extend upon a 2001 study that reported generally similar findings from the reports of 3500 students attending the same schools as the teachers whose views are reported in this article. The discussion considers the most effective management strategies for reducing student misbehaviour and distraction, comparing both stu­dents’ and teachers’ views, as well as techniques that increase student responsibility and protection of rights, emphasising techniques and strategies that involve the use of recognition and rewards.