Gender and education

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Background paper to keynote address presented at the Second NZ Boys in Education Conference, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand, 19-21 April 2006.


Despite normal hearing acuity, difficulties with processing auditory information have been noted to be the most common problem in children and young people presenting to paediatricians for assessment of behavioural and learning difficulties (Rowe, Rowe & Pollard, 2004; Rowe, Pollard & Rowe, 2005). Auditory processing capacity (APC) is defined as the capacity to hold, sequence and recall auditory information accurately. This capacity to recall what is heard is a developmental capacity that gradually improves throughout childhood. Since children vary in their capacity and rate of development, it is important for those communicating with children to be aware of this because it has significant implications for the way information should be presented – particularly in the classroom.