Gender and education

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Equal opportunities, Ethnicity, Females, Gender equity, Multicultural education, Participation, Womens education


Prepared for Myanmar Education Quality Improvement Program (MyEQIP)


This report consists of two key sections. The first section offers a discussion of the status of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women(CEDAW) Committee activities in Myanmar, includes current opportunities and barriers for supporting educational participation for women and girls in the country, including those of diverse ethnicity. This discussion also focuses on the possibilities for fostering conditions that can lead to enhanced educational opportunities for women and girls. Building on the construct of possibilities, the second section provides the results of an extensive data mapping exercise of available data sources pertaining to educational participation in Myanmar, with consideration afforded to the preliminary themes identified by Lo Bianco (2018) of enrolment, persistence and achievement, as well as the broader Sustainable Development Goals for Education. In light of the findings presented in section two, this report concludes with a series of considerations that may improve Myanmar’s data collection and reporting activities so as to inform the monitoring of the educational status of women and girls, particularly those from ethnic minority groups.

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Camberwell, Victoria


Australian Council for Educational Research



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