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This edition of the Research Digest summarises some key research studies that suggest answers to questions such as: How important is behaviour management in effective teaching and learning? Does good behaviour management lead to improved learning outcomes for students? Throughout the digest there are descriptions of approaches that have practical application in classroom practice. This research digest is based on searches of a number of databases and bibliographic resources, including the Australian Education Index, ERIC, Education Research Complete, British Education Index and Scopus. The first section presents some insights from research about the importance of behaviour management in effective teaching and learning. This is followed by a discussion of some styles of effective behaviour management. A further section is focused on some studies of contextual factors in students’ behaviour, and is followed by an account of recent research about the impact of the set of practices known as restorative justice practices. The final section draws on the relationship between behaviour management and teacher retention. Practical, research based classroom strategies are highlighted. Some useful websites are listed, and a full reference list is provided.

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