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31p. 'Issued by the Australian Council for Educational Research' -- Cover.
'Reprinted from Australian educational studies, First series, August, 1932, Educational research series no. 14


The opening of this Nursery School forms a part of an extensive movement that is taking place in many countries of the world. The Nursery School has sprung into existence to meet the needs of the child, who, no longer a baby in arms, is not yet ready for the activities of the kindergarten. This child at eighteen months has outgrown the ordinary nursery; is longing for something that will challenge his growing powers of mind and body, and for the opportunity of playing with those of his own age and strength. The Nursery School is a definite result of an intense interest in this young child, to -whom the experiences of life are so new that he may be said to be at the beginning of his career as a social being in a social world.

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