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This report presents findings from the first national study in Australia of bachelor degree graduates five years after degree completion. It details the design, development, implementation and outcomes of the Graduate Pathways Survey (GPS). Findings from the 2008 GPS are wide ranging. They must be read within the context of the project's methodology which is detailed in Appendix B, but it is clear that the findings have the capacity to shape university education and the development of Australia's economy and professional workforce. Findings from the 2008 Graduate Pathways Survey are of interest to a wide range of audiences. Potential university learners need timely and relevant information they can use to inform study and hence career choices. Ensuring that recent graduates are aware of work options and career pathways is important for them as individuals and for the Australian economy more generally. Graduate employers can make more informed recruitment and professional learning decisions given further information on medium-term graduate experiences. It is important, in turn, that careers and other advisors at institutions are well informed about the contexts and opportunities that shape graduates' employment trajectories. With greater insight into learners backgrounds, experiences and outcomes, university teachers, managers and leaders can redesign and enhance programs and student supports. The findings provide government with information on the economic and social contributions made by institutions and graduates.