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AGPT Registrar Satisfaction Survey 2014

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This report and its contents were written and produced by the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) for General Practice Education & Training (GPET) Limited. GPET is a wholly owned company established by the Commonwealth Government. ACER acknowledges the ongoing support and commitment of the RSS Working Group who contributed significantly to the implementation of this project. GPET and ACER are very grateful to the RTPs and registrars who contributed to the 2014 RSS.


The General Practice Education and Training Limited (GPET) Registrar Satisfaction Survey (RSS) is used for ensuring continuous improvement in the training of doctors in the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. The RSS gauges the level of registrar satisfaction with the quality of their training, with training providers, and with career progression.

The survey has been undertaken for more than a decade, with significant changes and improvements to the questionnaire implemented in 2013 and 2014 by the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) in conjunction with GPET and the RSS Working Group which included representatives from Regional Training Providers through the Association of Chief Executives group, the Australian Medical Council, and the Australian Medical Association’s Council of Doctors in Training.

In June and July 2014, ACER administered the RSS to registrars enrolled in the 17 RTPs across Australia. A total of 1,261 registrars responded to the survey, representing a response rate of 44.3 per cent. Across RTPs the response rates ranged from 30.7 to 59.4 per cent. The national response rate was sufficient to yield reliable results, with the Key Performance Indicators described below offering accuracy (at the 95 per cent confidence level) of within 1 to 3 percentage points of the reported averages. Focus groups with registrars were also carried out during analysis in order to explore results in more detail.

In general, registrar satisfaction with their training overall, with their RTP, with their training facility and with their college was high. In terms of their RTP, 93.5 per cent of registrars were satisfied with their education and training, 91 per cent were satisfied with the support provided and 88.6 per cent were satisfied with the administration. For their training facility, 91.3 per cent of registrars were satisfied with the training and education resources provided, while 92.9 per cent were satisfied with their college's assessment.

Another new and important insight from the 2014 RSS is the finding that registrars who relocate to regional and remote areas for their training generally intend to remain in the region of their training on completion of the AGPT.

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