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Experimental programs, Rural education, Rural teaching, Melbourne (Vic)


Information Bulletin / Australian Council for Educational Research ; n.15

Digitised in 2022 from a print copy held by the ACER library


This is a school originally established to assist in training teachers in Victoria for work in one teacher rural schools. It is attached to, and administratively part of, a large primary school at Errol Street, in North Melbourne, one of the poorer inner suburbs of Melbourne. The teacher in charge of the rural school is given considerable freedom to develop new methods and course of study. Since 1947 this school has not been used as a training centre.

Taken individually, few of the features of this school are so uncommon in the Victorian state system as to warrant a special report. The combination of features, particularly the social atmosphere, treatment of English, and successful parent-teacher relationships in an unpromising locality, have however, made it a place of interest to many students, teachers, and administrative officers.

The material in the following pages is abstracted from a comprehensive report on the school prepared by two former members of the A.C.E.R. staff, Mr. J. C. Kenn and Mr H. W. Hopkins. [Introduction, ed]

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