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Higher education programs, Minicourses, United Kingdom


Information Bulletin / Australian Council for Educational Research ; n.19

Digitised in 2022 from a print copy held by the ACER library


Encouraged by the success of the programme of courses for 1949, the British Council has allowed in 1950 for some expansion both in the numbers of courses and in the variety of subjects. These courses, together' with the University Summer Schools, may prove of interest to some Australians going to Britain, especially to those who wish to have something more than a superficial holiday. The Courses are attended by a wide variety of people -business executives, post-graduate students, teachers, etc., representing many nations. Visits to illustrate the lectures are arranged and also excursions to places of interest. The subjects chosen for study at the six Summer Schools listed in this brochure are these in which the individual universities can offer an outstanding contribution. The students taking part will live in a university college or Hall of Residence, and the experience of living in an international community will appeal to many people. These schools are intended primarily fer postgraduate students and for teachers, but undergraduates and others with good academic records may also be admitted. All the schools are of six weeks' duration. [p.1, ed]

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Camberwell, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research

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