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(Quest, a series of discussion books)


When every community has its professionally-administered, free public library, when the resources of such libraries can be made available to even the most isolated of our citizens, when library services are so coordinated that they can readily provide anybody with any information he seeks, can lend him freely the literature he needs, whether he is adult or child, when the library is recognised and accepted as an indispensable and integral part of our lives, then the goal will be getting near. The story which follows is an interpretation of the progress that is being made towards these ends. Being an interpretation it would be miraculous if it contained nothing that was disputable. My only reply is that Truth, whether it be relative or absolute, is still an elusive quarry. The story is written largely from personal observations made in five States and two Territories. Liberal use has also been made, however, of material, some of it unpublished, in numerous articles and reports, in papers read at Library conferences, and in other documents. My indebtedness to many librarians and authorities is fully recognised and acknowledged.

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