Little J and Big Cuz

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Aboriginal students, Torres Strait Islander students, Educational television, School readiness, Preschool primary transition, Foundation year, Primary school curriculum, Language development, Class activities, Emotional development, Well being, Geographic isolation


This study was conducted with support from the Dusseldorp Forum.


St Augustine’s School is a Catholic primary school located in the town of Mossman in Far North Queensland. Jo Brooks is the Prep class teacher at St Augustine’s School, and she incorporated the Little J & Big Cuz television series into her teaching and learning program. Her Prep class has 21 students of whom five identify as being Indigenous; four as Aboriginal and one as a Torres Strait Islander. Jo found a valuable teaching resource in the Little J & Big Cuz series. This resource engaged her Prep class. It led to student directed conversations and to diverse student initiated learning activities. As a language development resource with the possibility of planned and incidental links to other curriculum areas, Jo plans for Little J & Big Cuz to have an ongoing role in the Prep program at St Augustine’s.

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Melbourne, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)



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