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LSAY Research Report No 55


This report investigates the effect of post-secondary education and training on the occupation and earnings of young people. The majority of young Australians undertake further education and training after leaving school, and it is important to better understand the pathways that they follow, and the impact of different types of experience on the early career. Such analyses can help young people in choosing appropriate programs as well as assist policy makers in identifying resource priorities. They can also contribute to debates about the role of education in promoting social mobility and economic development. The data analysed are from a sample of young people who were first interviewed when they were in Year 9 in 1995 and subsequently interviewed annually. This report analyses annual data collected up until 2005 when they were, on average, 24 years of age. Longitudinal data can provide important insights into the pathways that young people follow and the influences they experience. The report examined the occupational status of jobs and weekly earnings by type of post-school education and training. Occupational status provides a convenient summary measure of occupations based on job status or prestige, while earnings measure the financial reward from work.

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Executive Summary