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Curriculum development, Achievement level, Educational objectives, Mathematics curriculum


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A joint project of the States, Territories and the Commonwealth of Australia initiated by the Australian Education Council, this is one of a series of sixteen documents representing collaborative curriculum development in Australia across eight areas of learning. The statements provide a framework for curriculum development by education systems and schools. They are divided into strands and further structured in four bands, roughly corresponding to the stages of schooling: lower primary, upper primary, junior secondary and post-compulsory. The statements do not provide a syllabus. Rather, they provide a foundation for courses which will meet students' needs and reflect advances in our knowledge - both of the learning area to which the statement is related and of how students learn. The statements encourage innovation and experimentation so that students have a positive experience of each learning area. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) validated the levels, and the profiles were subject to intensive trialling in Australian schools.

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Mathematics: a curriculum profile for Australian schools. (1994). Carlton, Victoria: Curriculum Corporation.

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Mathematics: a curriculum profile for Australian schools