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Monitoring (Assessment), Developing countries, Gender differences, Attendance, Academic achievent, Literacy education, Writing achievement, Reading achievement, Numeracy, Mathematics achievement, Males, Females


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This publication provides a summary of initial findings of the Monitoring Trends in Educational Growth (MTEG) study in Afghanistan. Class 6 students in 13 provinces in Afghanistan were assessed in the domains of mathematical, reading and writing literacy. In total, 5,979 students, 42% girls and 58% boys, took the test and completed a student background questionnaire in either Dari or Pashto. The principal from each assessed school also completed a school background questionnaire. The initial results on gender differences show some promising outcomes as well as highlighting areas that require attention. The results of MTEG 2013 Class 6 indicate that girls and boys demonstrated similar levels of achievement in mathematical literacy, while girls outperformed boys in both reading and writing literacy; boys from non-urban areas and girls from non-urban areas have similar levels of achievement; girls schooled in an urban area outperformed girls schooled in non-urban areas; and boys reported receiving more support than girls to attend school, from family members, friends and the community.

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Melbourne Vic


Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

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