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This evaluation report is presented in two volumes. Volume 1, Evaluation of the GiR-LNS is focused mainly on the survey component of the evaluation. The complete data set from the surveys undertaken in 2003 and 2004 is analysed, and conclusions drawn from these analyses. The concluding sections draw on the survey data, some research literature and the illustrative case studies to report on the effectiveness of the GiR-LNS as a strategy for professional development, and as a strategy for change. Volume 2, Getting it Right in Context, presents the findings from the illustrative case studies. Twenty schools from across Western Australia were selected for the case studies, in consultation with the Department of Education. Ten of these schools had GiR-LNS literacy Specialist teachers and ten had GiR-LNS numeracy Specialist Teachers. Researchers visited these schools on three occasions over the two years. The reports of the case studies describe how the Getting it Right: Literacy and Numeracy Strategy had been implemented in schools.