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The Middle Years Reform Program (MYRP) was conducted in all Victorian government secondary and P-12 schools over the period 2001-2003. The program was designed to provide these schools with financial support to employ additional classroom teaching capacity to develop and implement initiatives in the areas of literacy, attendance and the ‘thinking curriculum’ in Years 7-9. Data for the evaluation were taken from: a. Literature and document review; b. Three preliminary consultations with representative groups of regional office personnel, school principals, middle years co-ordinators and other teachers familiar with middle years issues; c. A questionnaire that was distributed by e-mail to all schools with students in years 7-9 that achieved a response rate of just over 80%; d. Analysis of school-level aggregate data for the period 1998-2003 on Year 9 literacy, Years 7, 8 and 9 attendance, and retention to Year 11; e. Six brief case studies of purposefully selected schools with Year 7-9 students. The questionnaire data formed a key component of the evaluation of MYRP.