2010 - Teaching Mathematics? Make it Count

What research tells us about effective mathematics teaching and learning

Research Conference 2010 focussed on mathematics teaching. It drew together research-based knowledge about effective teaching and learning of mathematics.It considered approaches to teaching that develop the mathematical proficiency of students and that catch and hold their interest in mathematics from the early years through to post-compulsory education.

Conference Presentations

Conference proceedings and presentation materials are available for download from the session listing (below).
They include papers, presentations as well as audio and video recordings.
To ensure protection of copyright please contact authors directly for approval to reuse either presentations or conference papers. If you require assistance in reaching a conference speaker please contact repository@acer.edu.au.

Keynote presenters: Prof. David Clarke (University of Melbourne); Mr Phil Daro (University of California); Prof. Kaye Stacey (University of Melbourne); and Prof. Paul Ernest (University of Exeter).


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Monday 16 August 2010
Tuesday 17 August 2010