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Kaye Stacey, University of Melbourne

Start Date

17-8-2010 9:00 AM

End Date

17-8-2010 10:15 AM


The purpose of this presentation is to paint a broadbrush picture of the challenge of providing mathematics teaching that encourages learning that goes beyond ‘the basics’. The presentation focuses on mathematical reasoning and suggests ways in which it can be given a more secure place in Australian mathematics classrooms. Two studies are reported, both of which arose from concern about the ‘shallow teaching syndrome’ evident in many Australian classrooms where there is very little mathematical reasoning in evidence. One study examined Year 8 textbooks, finding that very few presented ‘rules without reasons’ and taken overall generally presented a good array of explanations involving reasoning of several distinct types to help students understand why results were true. It was evident, however, that these explanations were generally only used to justify the rule, and were not called upon in any way once it was established. A second study interviewed about 20 leaders in mathematics education to explore their opinions on the shallow teaching syndrome (most – but not all – felt it was a real effect of disturbing prevalence), and the teaching of mathematical reasoning and problem solving. The presentation includes some suggestions for strengthening the place of mathematical reasoning in Australian classrooms and the new Australian curriculum.


This session is also available as an audiorecording.

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Aug 17th, 9:00 AM Aug 17th, 10:15 AM

Mathematics teaching and learning to reach beyond the basics

This session is also available as an audiorecording.


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