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Paul Ernest, University of Exeter

Start Date

17-8-2010 1:00 PM

End Date

17-8-2010 2:15 PM


Why teach mathematics? Why should students in school learn mathematics? What are our intended aims and the outcomes of teaching and learning mathematics in school? To offer my answers to these questions I find it useful to distinguish three groups of aims/outcomes: 1 Standard aims of school mathematics – what are generally agreed to be the basic or standard reasons for teaching the subject? 2 Unintended outcomes of school mathematics – are there unexpected and unintended outcomes of the process for some or all students? 3 Visionary aims for school mathematics – what do we as mathematics educators wish to see as both aims and outcomes of school maths teaching/learning? What new emphases would enhance our students and indeed society beyond what we do now?


This session is also available as an audiorecording.

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Aug 17th, 1:00 PM Aug 17th, 2:15 PM

The social outcomes of school mathematics: Standard, Unintended or Visionary?

This session is also available as an audiorecording.