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Mike Askew, Monash University

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27-8-2012 2:45 PM

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27-8-2012 4:00 PM


Teachers of mathematics face a double challenge. The first challenge is addressing the short-term needs of learners in meeting expected standards. But there is also the challenge of the long-term needs of learners developing productive dispositions towards the unanticipated mathematics that they will encounter beyond schooling. Teaching that concentrates only upon delivering a pre-determined body of mathematical knowledge may meet the short-term needs, but not the longer ones. Teaching that attends to the processes of learning and doing mathematics is more likely to meet both sets of needs. The Australian curriculum for mathematics encapsulates these process aspects through the four proficiencies of fluency, reasoning, problem-solving and understanding. This presentation examines the research behind learning these proficiencies and the implications for teaching practices. I will look at teaching practices that appear to be effective in helping learners develop these proficiencies and also at what may be barriers to such practices being more widely adopted.


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Aug 27th, 2:45 PM Aug 27th, 4:00 PM

Effective teaching practices : lessons from mathematics

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