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28-8-2012 10:45 AM

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Recent research is unequivocal on the importance of effective teachers in improving outcomes for schools (Jensen, 2010) and the critical role that high quality professional learning plays in increasing teacher effectiveness (McKinsey, 2007). One powerful way to do this is in real classrooms in the form of expert or peer coaching. (McKinsey, 2007) This revelation often overlooks the fact that it comes in the context of a profession that is largely unfamiliar with receiving direct feedback, is generally uncomfortable being observed, and can be wary of being evaluated unfairly (Elmore, et al., 2009). This seems especially true with our more experienced teachers. Despite this, we know that teachers want effective feedback, to have their work valued and to improve their teaching (Jensen, 2010) – and, I would add, if it can be done in a respectful and professional way. This paper seeks add to the body of knowledge on effective professional learning through in-class coaching for teachers and its place in school improvement by sharing the research findings and the experiences of the Classroom Management Strategies (CMS) professional learning program from the Department of Education, Western Australia.


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Session P - Teachers are the key : strategies for instructional improvement

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