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Jason Lodge, Griffith University

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5-8-2013 2:45 PM

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5-8-2013 4:00 PM


The learning sciences including neuroscience and cognitive psychology provide abundant opportunities for enhancing teaching, particularly as technology plays a greater role in education. But the translation of research conducted in the laboratory for use in the physical or virtual classroom is difficult. Studies examining the mind and brain cannot be easily converted into simple formulae or algorithms for learning. What is required is translation through a network of enabling disciplines for supporting teachers to enhance student learning, as it enables medical practitioners to improve health. This presentation outlines the possibilities for the use of the learning sciences for enhancing learning with technology. In doing so, examples of the use of principles developed in the learning sciences applied to teaching practice are explored. It is hoped that these examples will help teachers and learning scientists to understand what is required to translate research into technology-enhanced learning and teaching practice.


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Aug 5th, 2:45 PM Aug 5th, 4:00 PM

From the laboratory to the classroom : translating the learning sciences for use in technology-enhanced learning

Concurrent Session Block 2