The International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) is the first international comparative study that examines students’ acquisition of computer and information literacy (CIL). The study assessed student CIL achievement in 18 countries and three benchmarking participants through a computer-based assessment administered to students in Year 8 at school. In Australia, 320 schools with a total of 5326 students and almost 3500 teachers participated in ICILS 2013. One aspect of the ICILS 2013 study examined students’ use of and engagement with ICT at home, and their use of computers and the Internet for various activities. This Snapshot focuses on students who reported using computers and/or the Internet for out-of-school activities every day. It looks at the types of screen-based activities Year 8 students engage in out of school and the relationship between computer and Internet use and achievement on the CIL scale.