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Facing the fear and doing it anyway : looking into practice : cases of science teaching and learning


The author has an encounter with primary students each year when her Year 11 Psychology class brings Prep and Year 5 students to her college to test their cognitive abilities. In the past the author dreaded this activity, as once the children had been tested she was the only one free to 'entertain' them while her students continued to work. She was right out of her comfort zone dealing with primary-aged children, but then came the professional development. Working with Monash University and the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne, the author began to focus on what was important - her students. She describes how she planned and developed the activity in advance for Science Week, and the very successful learning experience that followed for all the students involved. The author has learned not to measure success by how she feels about an activity but from the learning outcomes experienced by the students. [Author abstract, ed]

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