Teacher journal archive (2008-2011)

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From chalkboards to keyboards


Business and government leaders have long taken advantage of the latest technologies, learning that it pays to remain connected in an increasingly shrinking world and in step with the rapid pace of today's workplace. That lesson has also been learnt by leaders in the education arena and it is now being mirrored increasingly in classrooms across the country. Innovative schools and teachers are fostering kids' love of technology and have begun to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) deeper into the curriculum, connecting classrooms across Australia and the world to improve learning conditions. The traditional days of chalk-and-talk classrooms are drawing to an end. Interactive whiteboards and other modern tools are appearing in more classrooms and bringing a new dimension to learning. According to a 2006 PISA report for the OECD, students who are established computer users perform better than students with limited computing experience. The partnership between Australian schools, teachers, Microsoft and government is ensuring that as many children as possible are being provided with the necessary ICT skills and knowledge to enable them to forge their own successful careers so that we can continue fostering home-grown talent. [Author abstract, ed]