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Helping hand : professional learning


The entrance of professional learning using technology leads to quality teaching and real gains for students. Technology helps teachers to engage students in learning, according to Doug Blake, former principal of the Entrance campus of Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College in New South Wales. That is why a wide range of technologies is used in classrooms across the campus. Every classroom is connected to the Internet; there are laptop trolleys that turn classrooms into computer rooms where every student has access to a computer; there is Smart Board technology in classrooms; and there is a literacy laboratory where the interactive Lexia program is used. The hardware and software is, though, only half of the story. The other half is professional learning for teachers who want to learn more about using technology for quality teaching, which is where the Intel Teach Essential Course comes in. This program, designed for adult learners, addresses the technology training needs of teachers and provides a learning platform that enables them to gain skills directly related to their work. The article describes its implementation at Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College and the benefits that have ensued for both participants and their students. [Author abstract, ed]