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Kahootz 30 : developing software for the classroom


Looking for an open-ended set of 3D construction tools that can be used across the curriculum? Easy-to-use software already exists: the Kahootz team at the Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF) is due to release Kahootz version 3.0 in April 2008. Kahootz was originally designed to empower children aged from seven to 15 to create fantastic 3D environments that incorporate animation, linking, sound and swatching. It provides students with an open-ended set of 3D construction tools that can be used across the curriculum. How does Kahootz 3.0 enhance curriculum possibilities? Kahootz 3.0 provides a range of new possibilities for curriculum usage in Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology and English. The increased cultural diversity of the Kahootz 3D library of objects provides Languages and Social Studies teachers with greater opportunities to integrate Kahootz into the curriculum. The ability for students to create and control 3D natural effects such as rain, snow, water, fire, and explosions will enhance its use in the Science, Environmental and Social Studies areas. The introduction of authoring action variables will significantly advance the possibilities of Kahootz as a game-making tool and provide a far greater level of interactivity that will enhance the potential in the areas of Mathematics, Science and Information and Communication Technology. The ability to record a student's voice directly into Kahootz 3.0 and import various language sound files will enhance its use substantially in the language area. It will provide students in English activities with the ability to record their own narrative to match the actions of the Kahootz characters. [Author abstract, ed]