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Maths on track : what makes for success?


In the week leading up to the 2008 Australian Grand Prix senior students from Kanbrya College, Berwick discussed their mathematical analysis of the race with Formula One (F1) drive Nick Heidfeld from the BMW-Sauber team. This interview was part of the mathematics curriculum the author designed called 'Maths on Track: what makes for success?'. The experience of sharing their learning with experts in the community is a powerful way to convince students of the importance and relevance of the mathematical skills they are required to learn, and to assist them link mathematics to real life outside the classroom. Skills usually developed by working through the exercises are not neglected, they are being reinforced more effectively than simply answering questions from the book can do. Very specific skills-based content questions underpinned the work students presented to the F1 driver. The textbook becomes a resource, not the course. Students look to it for the skills they need, and they seek to understand these skills.

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