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The House is now in session


Since 2006, the Constitution Education Fund Australia has been advocating a cross-disciplinary approach to Civics and Citizenship education through what it calls the Parliamentary Club. This creates a mini-democracy in each school incorporating a bi-cameral student government - essentially to create a mirror image of the Australian system of government that immerses students in a continual learning exercise through many cross-curricula activities that engage the whole school community. The article provides a guide as to how to proceed in initiating a Parliamentary Club in a school. The Parliamentary Club provides a dynamic learning experience for the entire student population, not just the academic elite or the one 'political junkie' in the school. One of the most significant features for teachers in this whole-of-school approach is that the students drive the initiative. Because teachers are guides, students own the process and attain a far deeper learning than may occur within the four walls of the classroom. [Author abstract, ed]

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