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Interactivity : it's not about the screen


Whether a teacher uses interactive whiteboards or brightboards, it is worth remembering that interactivity is the result of a teacher's teaching style, not the screen. Good teachers have always taken advantage of all kinds of clever and innovative teaching aids. They seek ways to engage learners, to make learning active rather than passive, and to empower their students to contribute and construct their learning collaboratively. Technology, for teachers, presents numerous opportunities for engagement and deeper, richer learning opportunities. The authors compare electronic whiteboards (EWBs) and interactive brightboards. Many factors need to be considered in choosing one or the other, but its real effectiveness has always come down to the ability of the teacher. If teachers are to use whichever one is chosen, they need to be conversant and comfortable with the new technology. The use of clever and innovative technologies in order to engage learners and extend learning is dependent on the subject knowledge, skills and versatility of the teacher, not on shiny new interactive screens offering a hybrid of applications. [Author abstract, ed]

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