Teacher journal archive (2008-2011)

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Embedding sustainability


From water-saving measures as simple as fixing a dripping tap to long-term programs to grow indigenous and drought-tolerant plants, schools can be places where learning about environmental sustainability is for everyone. At Bentleigh West Primary School, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, the core philosophy is to empower students and the wider community by being resourceful about the way energy and water are used, how waste is dealt with, and how technologies are used, and design for sustainable futures. The school's Educating for Environmental Sustainability program operates as a fully-integrated and interdependent model that encompasses organisational principles, operational practices, physical surroundings and the curriculum. The school has created a whole-school ethos that successfully embeds Educating for Environmental Sustainability in all aspects of school life for all stakeholders both within and beyond the schoolyard. The model is a dynamic, positive, hands-on education program underpinned by creativity, innovation and leading-edge initiatives. It educates and celebrates sustainability, and provides real-life implementation empowering students, staff, parents and the wider community to create sustainable life-styles. As sustainability education awareness increases, Bentleigh West Primary School continues to make connections with the broader community and demonstrates responsibility and behavioural change, and provides inspiration to other environmental educators. [Author abstract, ed]

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