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Lead on : ICT leadership in schools


Information and communication technology in schools now reaches across every learning area, but who ought to provide the leadership? The answer is straightforward: an educator. To better understand the ICT leadership role, the author conducted research to find out how teachers and others in a variety of key leadership positions in schools see ICT leadership. The research surveyed and compared the views of educators in eight categories: heads of departments, deputy principals, classroom teachers, head librarians, computer technicians, principals, network administrators and curriculum co-ordinators across seven secondary schools. In addition, six people from that pool of survey participants were interviewed. The author's research found that the ICT leadership role as perceived by educators across all eight categories was similar. There is essentially a common understanding of the role and functions of an ICT leader in a secondary school. The research informed 11 recommendations for practice applicable in schools that are of a medium to large size - 600 to 1,800 students - although these may be of limited practicality when applied to smaller schools or large schools that have multiple campuses. These recommendations for practice can, however, be used in schools to develop a uniform position description of the ICT leader. [Author abstract, ed]

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