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Learning about leadership : how to get your school moving and improving


Over the past 20 years the author has been part of many research projects in the areas of student achievement, quality teaching, educational leadership, educational change, teachers' work and lives, teachers' professional learning, professional teaching standards, teacher recognition and teacher career structures'. In 'How to Get Your School Moving and Improving: An evidence-based approach' he draws upon many of the findings from that work and the work of others to bring together what is known about student achievement, quality teaching, educational leadership and educational change. The primary aim of good research into school leadership and improvement is to assist school leaders to understand what they are doing, and what they can do, in order to make things happen in their school. To do that, the central focus needs to be on students and student achievement, using evidence to cut through the clouds of fashion, fad, jargon and ideology that frequently surround education in order to show what research has revealed about what really works and adds value in schools. The leaders of schools that are moving and improving possess common attributes and adopt similar approaches. The author provides a framework for others to use to reflect on within their own contexts so they can work towards developing the kinds of attributes and adopting the kinds of practices that characterise successful school leaders. [Author abstract, ed]

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