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Fair's fair : what Forward with Fairness means for your school : a Queensland perspective


Federal industrial relations policies have a profound impact on both the teaching profession and school workplaces. The ALP's position in the 2007 election campaign was that a balance should be struck between the right to fairness for employees and a level of flexibility for employers. So has the Labor government delivered 'fairness' one year later? The article discusses the situation in relation to Queensland schools, examining the abolition of Australian Workplace Agreements, the right to collectively bargain, the right of employees to be protected from unfair dismissal, increasing minimum safety net conditions, and the new independent umpire, Fair Work Australia. Several elements of the Labor government's new industrial relations laws fall short of teachers' expectations that WorkChoices would be 'ripped up' and it is clear that teachers need to remain vigilant about the protection of working rights and conditions. [Author abstract, ed]

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