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Work intensification : time for some balance


Australian educators are working harder and longer and it is time the problem was addressed, as much for the sake of students as the teachers themselves. We need to address the problem of work intensification as it has a negative effect on the quality of education. For positive teaching and learning to occur, educators need sufficient time and energy to prepare and deliver curriculum in an engaged way and to reflect on pedagogical strategies. There are a number of key work intensification pressure points: curriculum change; student assessment and reporting; technology; school leadership; and supporting students with disabilities. What can be done? Solutions rely on the preparedness of educators to build a stronger collective voice on professional issues. Positive change at all levels can be brought about through: better consultation, smarter work organisation, more resources, and, family-friendly policies. If work intensification is not addressed, the profession will fail to attract the best and brightest to a career in teaching while losing experienced classroom teachers. [Author abstract, ed]

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