Teacher journal archive (2008-2011)

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Postgraduate study : just right for me


Seven educators from a variety of backgrounds and working in different educational sectors explain why they have undertaken postgraduate study in education (master's and doctoral programs). They discuss their motivation for further study and how they will apply the experience and learning to their current or future employment positions. Reasons provided for further study include: the program is tailored and specific; it is an opportunity to conduct research that informs classroom practice; it allows one to investigate something one is really passionate about; there is a real intellectual stimulation in understanding and managing the tensions between the classroom experience and the theoretical frameworks underpinning it; it provides school leaders with a solid understanding of the skills and roles required; part-time study allows one to conduct research, earn a living and achieve work-life balance; the rewards of research are huge and of immediate benefit in teaching practice. [Author abstract, ed]

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