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The biggest hurdle : how to keep great teachers in classrooms


It is often the case that as experienced and high-quality teachers reach the pinnacle of the salary structure, their only pathway for further recognition and promotion is to take on an administrative role, and that is a pathway that typically lead them away from their passion - teaching. Recognising that problem, Toorak College in Mount Eliza on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula in 2009 introduced a 'Master Teacher and Mentor' program to provide an alternative career pathway for those teachers who choose to stay in front of the blackboard. The program offers a financial incentive to teachers who demonstrate exemplary abilities, as well as the chance for them to continue to develop a culture of excellence that supports their students, colleagues and the wider educational community. Exemplary master teachers in the program must have reached the top of the pay scale as an experienced teacher and must have demonstrated sustained excellence in teaching and learning. The school believes the program will definitely help attract and retain high-quality teaching staff; there is already plenty of strong interest and talk in teaching circles. [Author abstract, ed]

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