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Getting that next job


As with any professions, applying for a teaching job requires research, preparation and the right attitude. But how exactly does a teacher secure the teaching role he or she wants? This article provides some tips: (1) update your resume, ensuring that all details are up to date. Address the key words and responsibilities relevant to the position. Do not be tempted to send the same resume and covering letter to every school; make sure you tailor the content to the specific position. (2) Write the covering letter. This is an important part of the application since it is the first opportunity to communicate with the potential employer. The letter should show you have read the position description and advertisement carefully and understand what is required. Link your experience with the specific criteria. It should conclude by making a request for an interview at the school's convenience. (3) The interview. Find out the specific facts about the school through as many sources as possible. The question asked by the panel will help them determine how well suited you are to the role, but an interview is a two-way street so prepare at least three questions of your own. Dress in smart business attire, be punctual, make eye contact. Do not answer questions with a simple 'yes' or 'no'; explain whenever possible, with answers you have rehearsed. At the end of the interview ask about the next stage and thank the panellists. It is worth accepting post-interview counselling if offered; this provides a constructive opportunity to discuss your performance. [Author abstract, ed]

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