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You got the job


Whether it is your first application or you are a seasoned applicant, or even sitting on an interview panel, it is worth understanding what employers are looking for in job applications and interviews. What makes for the best prospective employees? They are usually the ones who understand how to write a covering letter, do their homework so they know about the school and the principal, include appropriate referees and present well in interviews. The application covering letter is an important document that needs to address the points in the job advertisement and the selection criteria but do not make it too long: one page should suffice. Grammatical and spelling errors are detrimental; do not rely on spell-checkers. Choose appropriate referees who complement the application. If you attach a photograph make sure it is appropriate. Timing is important: getting an application in straight after the advertisement appears, or on the deadline, may not necessarily bode well. Many employers search the Internet for information on shortlisted candidates, so exercise care when posting on social network web sites like Facebook. At the interview wear neat professional attire, be punctual. Normally a true picture of the applicant emerges as an interview progresses, so just be yourself. [Author abstract, ed]

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