Teacher journal archive (2008-2011)

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‘The amount of time that has been spent trying to sort this matter in a logical fashion with the (New South Wales) Department of Education and Training (DET) over the past two years is just ludicrous. There have been more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel, and now the school community has decided to add a gripping chapter of its own by bringing in a crane and chains. If there’s to be a truly climactic chapter, it will happen if or when the DET tries to remove the building. We’re watching the site 24/7, and if the community has to go in and chain the demountable down, it will.’ So said parent spokesperson and school council member William Cant, when parents and supporters of Black Hill Public School north west of Newcastle in January took the extraordinary action of preparing to chain down a demountable building scheduled to be removed from the school grounds by the DET.