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Alumni Case Study—Insights into short course capacity building

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Alumni, Case studies, Minicourses, Capacity building, Professional development, Skill development, Developing countries, International relations, International aid, Technical assistance


The Short Course modality of the Australia Awards provides customised professional development of senior to mid-level international participants in areas of strategic importance that complement Australia’s development priorities and diplomatic efforts at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels. Two main modalities exist in this space, Australia Awards Fellowships (currently not being used) and Australia Award Short Courses. Short course modalities are designed to quickly develop and enhance skills and knowledge of professionals working in a specific field or sector to meet identified capacity gaps in priority development areas. Courses typically include theory-based workshop activities and resources, industry specific site visits and benchmarking, cultural exchange activities, and networking opportunities with Australia experts and institutions. This case study by the Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility (GTF) explores the impact of the use of fellowships as a mechanism for delivery of short courses, on alumni knowledge, skills and post-award networks, and their ability to drive change and contribute to the targeted development gaps.

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