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Educational leadership, Professional recognition


In 2012 the College Medal was presented to Ms Dorothy Hoddinott AO, FACE for outstanding service to school education and the teaching profession through her leadership and achievement, especially in relation to teaching English as a Second Language and students from disadvantaged and refugee backgrounds. Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators is one of the highest honours that the College can bestow, and should be seen by College Members and Fellows, and by the wider education community, to be a recognition of outstanding and distinctive contributions to the advancement of education. 2012 Fellowships were awarded to: Dr Kathryn Brennan FACE; Dr Paul March FACE; Emeritus Professor Bruce King FACE; Mr Michael Urwin FACE; Mr Milton Cujes FACE; Mr Peter Kearns FACE; Mr Richard Ford FACE; Mr Roger Pryor FACE; Mrs Elaine Blake FACE; Mrs Elizabeth OCarrigan FACE; Mrs Vicki Treble FACE; Ms Ann McIntyre FACE; Ms Laura Keating FACE; Ms Susan Mann FACE; Reverend Alan Dale FACE.


Australian College of Educators