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Educational leadership, Professional recognition


The College Medal may be awarded to an Australian educator working in this or any other country who has made sustained, outstanding contributions to any field of educational practice, theory or discourse. In 2011 it was awarded to Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AO. Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators is one of the highest honours that the College can bestow, and should be seen by College Members and Fellows, and by the wider education community, to be a recognition of outstanding and distinctive contributions to the advancement of education. 2011 Fellowships were awarded to: Dr Berenice Mary Kerr FACE (NSW); Dr David Paterson FACE (NSW); Dr Diane Russell FACE (SA); Dr Kim Jagger FACE (NSW); Dr Richard Berlach FACE (WA); Dr Simon Clarke FACE (WA); Maxwell Shaw FACE (NSW); Miss Leesa Jeffcoat FACE (QLD); Mr Andrew Fraser FACE (NSW); Mr Brian Burgess FACE (VIC); Mr Craig Bassingthwaighte FACE (QLD); Mr John Whitehouse FACE (VIC); Mr Michael Eller FACE (NSW); Mr Patrick Waring FACE (VIC); Mr Peter Hauser FACE (QLD); Mr Roderick Fraser FACE (VIC); Mr Tom Alegounarias FACE (NSW); Mrs Anne McDonald FACE (NSW); Mrs Mary Fitz-Gerald FACE (VIC); Ms Annette Rome FACE (VIC); Ms Jane Swift FACE (SA); Ms Jann Eason FACE (NSW); Ms Karen Spiller FACE (QLD); Ms Megan Hansen FACE (VIC); Ms Pam Ronan FACE (SA); Professor Barbara Pamphilon FACE (ACT); Professor Field Rickards FACE (VIC); Professor John Bennett FACE (NSW); Professor Sue Wills FACE (VIC); Professor Toni Downes FACE (NSW).


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