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Educational leadership, Professional recognition


Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators is one of the highest honours that the College can bestow, and should be seen by College Members and Fellows, and by the wider education community, to be a recognition of outstanding and distinctive contributions to the advancement of education. Fellows awarded in 2010 were: Associate Professor Steve Wilson FACE (NSW); Dr Anne Benjamin FACE (NSW); Dr Fay Haisley FACE (QLD); Dr Gordon Young FACE (VIC); Dr Helen Drennen FACE (VIC); Dr Steve Nisbet FACE (QLD); Dr Susan Stevens FACE (VIC); Mr Clifford Cowdroy FACE (NSW); Mr Frank Sal FACE (VIC); Mr Ian Downs FACE (NSW); Mr Jeffrey Croser FACE (SA); Mr John Duncan FACE (VIC); Mr John Livingston FACE (QLD); Mr John Mula FACE (QLD); Mr Michael Byrne FACE (QLD); Mr Paul Fensom FACE (NSW); Mr Peter Chapman FACE (QLD); Mr Reginald Pollock AM FACE (NSW); Mr Stephen Matthew FACE (SA); Mrs Brenda Suhr FACE (QLD); Mrs Fiona Bailey FACE (NSW); Mrs Judy Travers FACE (TAS); Ms Rosa Storelli FACE (VIC); Professor Lynda Beazley OA FACE (WA); Professor Marie Emmitt FACE (VIC); Professor Philip Jennings FACE (WA); Professor Robert Conway FACE (SA); Rev Fr Gerard Healy FACE (VIC); Winthrop Professor Mark Israel FACE (SA)


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