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Academic standards, Competency based assessment, Performance based assessment, Performance indicators, Student assessment, Students Rating of Australia, Educational tests and measurements Australia


Project supported by a grant under the Curriculum Development Projects Program from the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs.


A progress map describes the nature of development in an area of learning and so provides a frame of reference for monitoring individual growth. An essential feature of a progress map is that it describes and illustrates developing competence. This issue in the Assessment Resource Kit (ARK) magazine series discusses how to construct a progress map and check against student achievement for revision of progress, elaborating, and refining descriptions of typical progress through an area of learning, and setting benchmarks. It comprises five articles on different aspects progress maps: 1. What is a progress map; 2. Drafting a progress map; 3. Revising a progress map; 4. Enriching a progress map; 5. Setting benchmarks.

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Masters, G., & Forster, M. (1996). Progress maps: Assessment Resource Kit. Australia Council for Educational Research.

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Camberwell, Melbourne


The Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd.



Progress maps: Assessment Resource Kit

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