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‘Student engagement’, defined as students’ involvement with activities and conditions likely to generate high-quality learning, is increasingly understood to be important for higher education quality. The concept provides a practical lens for assessing and responding to the significant dynamics, constraints and opportunities facing higher education institutions. It provides key insights into what students are actually doing, a structure for framing conversations about quality, and a stimulus for guiding new thinking about best practice. This 2008 AUSSE Institution Report provides information for evidence-based conversations about students’ engagement in university education. The AUSSE is conducted by, for and with participating institutions. The intention is to provide institutions with new perspectives for quality management and enhancement. In total, 29 higher education institutions participated in the 2008 AUSSE. This includes 23 from Australia and six from New Zealand – four more than in 2007. In addition, ten institutions participated in the Staff Survey of Student Engagement (SSES).