Digital learning research

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This report presents the outcomes of the series of Symposia 'A Digital Education Revolution; realising the possibilities, managing the realities'. ACER initiated the Symposia, developed the program, delivered research content and managed the promotions and coordination for each event. ACER proposed the series of Symposia in response to the current interest, conversations and debate within schools and systems. The goals of the Symposia were to illuminate the possibilities and the realities of the DER initiative through informed presentations, discussions, debates and conversations, and to provide feedback to DEEWR on the school based concerns and key issues that emerged. ACER initially proposed a series of four Symposia to be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. After discussions with DEEWR regarding funding and support, this offering extended to a fifth Symposium in Perth. ACER formed partnerships with a number of key organisations and individuals from a range of different educational and community domains to present and provide an extensive and full perspective of the possibilities and realities of learning using ICT in education. ACER invited the following advocates of ICT in education to partner ACER in various ways to conduct the series of Symposia.