Early Childhood Education

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Since early 1999 the World Bank has funded a series of projects that seek to improve the Vietnamese primary education system. On Saturday 8 May 1999 the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) contracted the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to provide professional advice as part of the Preparation of Primary Teacher Training Project. Technical assistance was sought in two areas: (i) drawing a representative sample of primary school teachers, and (ii) undertaking a census of primary schools. Three ACER personnel worked on the project, Professor John Izard (project director), Mr Graeme Withers (project manager from 23/7/99) and Dr Trevor Johnson (sample design, data entry and data analysis). Their Vietnamese counterparts were the members of the Project Management Unit (PMU) and national consultants, Mr Lee Huu Hmh (questionnaire design, sample design and financial analyses) and Dr Do Cong Vinh (questionnaire design, administration of census and survey, data collection, data entry, data cleaning, and preliminary data analyses). The ACER consultancy commenced in Hanoi on Wednesday 19 May 1999 and finished on 30 November 1999.