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International aid, Developing countries, Return on investment, Official languages, Language policy, National programs, Primary curriculum, Curriculum implementation, Teaching improvement, Student learning, Multimethod techniques


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The Australian Government is supporting the Government of Vanuatu (GoV) through its Vanuatu Education Support Program (VESP) to undertake long-term education reforms. A key focus is the rollout of a new national curriculum in conjunction with the National Language Policy (2012), intended to introduce new content and pedagogies, better sequence content, and support the use of Bislama or the vernacular in the early grades. Together, these reforms are intended to improve teaching quality and student learning outcomes. The multi-year study was commissioned by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), to investigate teaching and learning development initiatives in 3 countries: Lao PDR, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu. In Vanuatu, the Education Analytics Service (EAS) is investigating how VESP activities are making a difference to teaching and learning outcomes. The new primary curriculum has been rolled out to schools by year level, starting with Grade 1 in 2016. It is accompanied by the distribution of teaching and learning materials and training. Pedagogical approaches – such as student-centred learning, language transition and classroom-based assessment practices – aim to transform teaching and learning.

Gavman blong Ostrelia, tru long Vanuatu Edukesen Sapot Program (VESP), i stap sapotem Gavman blong Vanuatu (GbV) blong tekem ap olgeta long-tem edukesen rifom. Wan mein fokas emi blong rolemaot niufala nasonal karikulum we emi stap inlaen wetem Nasonal Lanwis Polisi (2012), we oli mekem blong introdiusum niu konten mo pedakoji, mekem ol sikuens konten we oli mo gud, mo blong sapotem yus blong Bislama mo olgeta narafala venakula lanwis long ol eli klas. Tugeta, evri rifom ia oli mekem blong impruvum kwaliti blong tijing mo ol aotkam blong wanem nao studen i stap lanem. Dipatmen blong Foren Afea blong Gavman blong Ostrelia emi komisenem multi-yia stadi ia, blong investigetem ol inisetif blong tijing mo lening developmen long ol trifala kaontri ia: Lao PDR, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu. Long Vanuatu, Edukesen Analitiks Seves (EAS) emi stap investigetem hao nao ol aktiviti blong VESP i stap mekem wan difrens long tijing mo lening aotkam. Niufala karikulum blong praemeri, oli bin rolemaot finis long ol skul folem ol yia level, stat wetem klas 1 long 2016. Emi kam wetem distribiusen blong ol materiel blong tijing mo lening mo ol trening. Ol pedakojikol aproj – olsem lening we emi senta raon long ol studen, transisen long lanwis mo ol asesmen praktis we emi beis long klasrum – oli eim blong jenjem tijing mo lening.

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