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Democracy, Educational objectives


The authors general thesis is that if we are serious about the need of planning for better world after the war the first thing to start thinking about is education. This is done by developing two definitions of two familiar words and then stating four general propositions. The first word is democracy which the author defines as a system of society in which a large majority of the citizens are not only qualified in mind and body to play a significant part in the common business of community, but actually have opportunities to do so. Secondly, education is defined as the process by means of which boys and girls do or do not become citizens so qualified. The four propositions are : 1. Any system of society is no better and no worse than the system of education which it fosters, 2. We are resolved that our system of society will after the war become a ‘democratic’ one, 3. The possibility of a ‘democratic’ society is dependant on equal opportunity and adequate facilities for learning cooperation, 4. a ‘democratic’ society is impossible which does not insist upon a broad system of education both of mind and body. [Author abstract, ed]

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Australian Council for Educational Research


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